Originally created 08/18/00

'Illusion of inclusion'

Democrats, with some justification, chided Republicans for their convention in Philadelphia, which featured a wide diversity of ethnic speakers and entertainers on stage while admiring delegates were comprised largely of middle-aged white guys.

Democrats quipped that the GOP event looked just like a Utah Jazz basketball game: blacks on the floor and whites in the stands. They called it the "illusion of inclusion."

But the GOP is now charging Democrats with their own "illusion of inclusion." Yes, Democrat delegates in Los Angeles did look a lot more like America with women, blacks, Hispanics, Asian Americans and even Pacific Islanders well represented.

But how did they manage all this diversity? The answer: by enforcing a rigid quota system in each state. Targets for the convention, which was apparently met, called for at least 26 percent blacks and Latinos, 16 percent Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, one percent Native Americans, and 10 percent disabled Americans.

Homosexuals and lesbians weren't forgotten either. Their quotas were mandated at five percent each, but within those figures, one delegate told Fox News, was also a requirement for some "transgender" delegates.

So Democrats did succeed at including virtually every group, ethnic or otherwise. However, it came at the expense of breaking the law. No one in the party seemed to remember that the U.S. Supreme Court has declared quotas and set-asides unconstitutional.


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