Originally created 08/18/00

Murder is worse than a safe abortion

Regarding John T. Petrozello's Aug. 13 letter and all who agree with him:

Sure, it is a matter of choice to keep a newborn baby or to discard it in a cabinet (the wrong choice). It's murder no matter how you or anyone tries to justify the results.

Mr. Petrozello fails to see the procedure. Persons who get an abortion allow the infant to be put away in a safe, somewhat humane manner. That's not the case when a newborn is stuck in a box or left on our streets.

Don't get me wrong. I don't approve of abortions, except in rape cases or when the baby is so disfigured or mentally damaged that it has no chance of survival. So, yes, I feel like every true blooded American should feel - that Crystal Middletown's fate should be decided by God and the courts.

Charles Lowe, Harlem


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