Originally created 08/18/00

U.S. justice system is corroding

Our justice system gets more corroded every day. It is frightening to think what the final outcome of all this will be.

One example is accused brawler Darryl Wilson who was free on bond, awaiting trial on charges of attacking another police officer a month earlier. His alleged attack on Richmond County Deputy Shannon Mitchell suggests Mr. Wilson should not have been released on bond.

Another example is death row inmate Alexander Williams, convicted in 1986 of murdering a young girl. And he is still around? His attorney has until Aug. 21 to ask the Georgia Supreme Court to intervene. What were they doing the last 14 years?

And, what happened to the killer of Valerie Newsome White? He was sentenced to death, having gruesomely killed that poor woman he abducted in broad daylight in the J.B. White parking lot on Washington Road back in the 1970s. We have never heard that he was actually executed. Are the taxpayers still paying for his stay?

These are three very good examples of what is going on as far as the justice system is concerned. Our judges need to wake up and make an attempt to get these criminals behind bars and into the electric chair if proven guilty without any doubt.

B. Waters, Hephzibah


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