Originally created 08/18/00

Urges bicycle critic be curbed

I am an advocate for free speech, but please don't let the nation hear the ramblings of Clint Smith on the matter of bicyclists. I am ashamed at the level of ignorance and disdain for others that Mr. Smith has displayed in his comments about sharing the road with cyclists.

I could write thousands of pages about the health benefits of cycling; the low environmental impact of cycling; the positive social aspects of cycling and the positive effects that cyclists have on the economy, but I won't.

I just ask that you do your best to not allow Mr. Smith's comments to reach beyond the boundaries of Georgia and South Carolina. People from other parts of the country will surely characterize us all as mindless rednecks whose only physical activity is to pick our lard butts out of our Lazyboys to grab another beer between TV shows.

I'm sure that Mr. Smith doesn't bicycle because there aren't cycling helmets designed for the shape of his skull, but I bet a pair of cycling gloves would help him keep from scraping his knuckles across the ground when he walks. God help us all.

John D. Hermann, Clarks Hill


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