Originally created 08/17/00

GOP ticket invites Teapot Dome II

Republican convention delegates nominated two men who have strong ties to Big Oil. If by some chance they get elected, President Warren Harding's love feast with Big Oil would look like a Sunday school picnic.

Those who know history know that President Harding's secretary of Interior, Albert B. Fall, went to jail for his part in the Teapot Dome Scandal for spearheading a scheme to rip off the American people by charging way less for the leases than the leases were worth.

This summer, as the price of gasoline went sky-high, the oil companies tried to blame the government. But, when the quarterly profits of the oil companies were made public, they showed the profits doubled and tripled during this period.

I am not saying that a prerequisite to being president or vice president is that the person has served in the military. We have heard all the whining about President Clinton's dodging the draft.

How about Gov. George W. Bush, whose service consisted of the Air Force Reserve, where he supposedly attended only two meetings? (Probably the one where he got sworn in and the one to pick up his discharge.) Vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney shirked his service by way of student deferments.

I would also like to comment on Gov. Bush's acceptance speech where he stated that the military services were in such bad shape. He stated that two divisions were not combat ready when, in fact, they were. He lied or was ill informed. He then tried to pass it off as though it was the government's fault for not telling him.

I would like to tell Gov. Bush something that my Dad always told me. It was, "Son, if you do not know something to be factual, do not repeat it for the truth."

Carroll C. Kenny, Grovetown


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