Originally created 08/11/00

Post office doesn't want e-monopoly

Regarding the Aug. 8 letter, "Post Office to charge for e-mail":

The Postal Service does not want to tax e-mail or charge a fee for every e-mail sent. In fact, the Postal Service is on the record as opposing any such scheme.

One Augusta Chronicle reader expressed fear that the Postal Service's entry into electronic communication could lead to mischief. Here are the facts: The Postal Service does not seek nor will it ever seek any monopoly protection or exclusive rights to any part of electronic communications or commerce.

What we want to do is offer products that combine the speed of electronics with the impact of hard copy. We also want to be one option that Americans can consider when they are shopping for a trustworthy service for paying bills and buying goods online - which we think is a logical extension of our present mission.

Do we want to become the toll booth on the information superhighway? No. Not now. Not ever.

Alvin R. Jackson, Augusta

(Editor's note: The author is postmaster of the United States Postal Service, Augusta.)


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