Originally created 08/11/00

Potter books doing Satan's work

Where are the parents and grandparents? Where is the Christian community? Their silence is deafening.

Why are they not in an uproar over the Harry Potter books? Many Christian parents are out purchasing the books.

God said, "My people perish for a lack of knowledge." The Bible warns us that witchcraft, fortune telling, horoscopes and magic are all part of the occult and can open the door to Satan.

The Bible also tells us that the enemy, Satan, "is come to destroy and to devour."

The character of Satan is to take evil and make it look good. He is not running around in a red suit with horns and pitchfork.

He comes disguised in many subtle, seemingly innocent ways to gain control over the minds and lives of your children and ultimately their souls. Don't risk giving him a foothold in your child's life through this book. If books carried warnings like cigarettes, the one on Harry Potter books would read:

"Warning: This book could be dangerous to your spiritual health (soul)."

To those who think people like me are just witch-hunting fanatics, I say just look around at what is happening in schools all over the country and tell me that Satan is not alive and well.

There is only one whose power is greater than the enemy. That one is Jesus Christ, God's only son. Through his death and resurrection, he provided for us all, not only an opportunity for eternal life, but also victory over the enemy in this life.

Our only hope for our children is to cover them with the blood of Jesus ... The only thing required for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.

D.H. Edwards, Augusta

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