Originally created 08/11/00

Augusta: Vote down penny sales tax

When Augustans vote whether to continue the one cent local option sales tax in September, I hope they will consider whether we need more recreation. I will certainly vote no because the money could be better used to house the poor and educate people about drugs and teen-age pregnancy.

The way to do this for the poor would be, instead of tearing down crack houses, to renovate these houses and to screen the poor to see who would qualify under strict guidelines. This would prevent felons, drug users and drug dealers from getting in.

We also could use that money to clean up already drug-infested neighborhoods.

I'm not saying recreation is bad, but let's face it, the poor could not benefit from the way the government wants to spend this extra money.

I'm asking all voters in Richmond County to vote down the penny tax in September. I know I certainly will.

Louis E. Seago, Hephzibah

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