Originally created 08/11/00

Lieberman speech was for cover

With the selection of Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn,. as the vice-presidential pick of the Democrats, the nation will finally get an education in the Jewish religion, and all its many facets.

We will learn that there are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Jews that express their Jewish heritage through community only. In other words, all Jews are not religious.

But there is one thing for certain, Sen. Lieberman was not selected for his Jewishness, but as a reward for his Sept. 3, 1998, speech on the Senate floor in which he expressed his outrage at President Bill Clinton's conduct. Or did he?

Sometime later the good senator said his speech was given for political reasons to save the Democratic Party. His speech gave the Democrats cover to vote against conviction of President Clinton in his Senate trial.

The senator has an 80 percent American for Democratic Action voting record. That's pretty liberal, and in the words of Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., Sen. Lieberman is one of the three sponsors of the gay rights bill in the Senate. If this is conservatism, he's all for it, Rep. Frank said. In addition, Mr. Lieberman supports abortion on demand ...

Woodrow Lovett, Sardis


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