Originally created 08/10/00

Gun buyback program is bogus

I have some thoughts about the gun buy-back program. Does anyone think this type of program has any use in stopping crime?

Lt. William B. Manecke states they don't want to know names of those turning in firearms. Interesting. All one has to do is steal a gun, turn it in and collect $50, and the police won't even be interested. If the rightful owner is really lucky, it might be returned if reported stolen.

If the police don't care who turns it in, do you think they will try to trace the rightful owner?

The money comes from the Housing and Urban Development department. What does this have to do with law enforcement? Federal money means your tax money. The gun payments were made with WalMart gift certificates - $5,700 of your tax money is going straight to WalMart.

The editor of The Chronicle once told me that the newspaper is as staunch a supporter of the Second Amendment as it is of the First Amendment. Where are the editorials deploring this waste of money and rights?

Will Borders, Augusta


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