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Mom applauds advent of midwives

I was pleasantly surprised when I read The Chronicle's July 22 article on midwives in the Augusta area. This health care option is long overdue in the Central Savannah River Area, and I applaud Dr. Lawrence Devoe for seeing and meeting this need.

Unfortunately, some in the established medical community obviously feel differently. It is evident from Dr. W.G. "Curly" Watson's arrogant comments that he thinks this service is not needed.

He is wrong. I am the mother of two and have lived in the Augusta area my entire life. For both of my pregnancies I chose to drive to Bamberg, S.C., to see a certified nurse-midwife rather than deliver my children at a local hospital with an OBGYN physician.

I chose a midwife because the local hospitals could not provide my family with the type of birth experience we wanted. I researched the topic and found that women who use a midwife are less likely to have a C-section; the infant mortality rate is lower; and that intervention during labor and delivery is much less likely with a midwife. (withwomanweb.com is an excellent resource for those looking for statistics or information.)

I am thrilled that there will now be more to choose from locally. With any future pregnancies, I will certainly consider this new local alternative to the status quo. I won't, however, be making an appointment with Dr. Watson to ask for his advice...

Amanda Hammond, North Augusta


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