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Agrees Satanism is in kid books

I congratulate N. Passalaqua for her July 15 letter about the Harry Potter books. I feel the same way she does: Potter author J.K. Rowling is doing nothing but promoting Satanism.

I have read that her books are not much different than C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, but at least there is a lighter side to his. Lewis' books are headed in a much different direction than Ms. Rowling's. The one thing that strikes me is that adults are reading these books and passing them to their kids thinking there is nothing to them.

Don't these parents realize the day and age we live in and the imagination kids of today have? I am also deeply disturbed that even the school library now has accelerated reader tests on the Harry Potter books that carry high points for the kids.

When the librarian was questioned why there were books promoting witchcraft, chants, murder, black magic, in essence, Satanism, in the elementary school level, she commented that children need to have variety to choose from.

And since these books were high on the best-selling lists for - get this - 9-12 year-olds, it only made sense to get them for good reading for our kids. I then asked the librarian why the "Left Behind" series for kids was not on the shelves or the accelerated reader test list. She stated that they can only put so many "religious" books on the shelf and that there had not been a big request for them in particular.

If this is the kind of attitude our public school library has for our kids, no wonder more parents are looking to home school their kids.

On the flip side of this is a comment that was made by Exeter Professor Peter Wiseman when Ms. Rowling was given an honorary doctorate from her alma mater. He said she was honored, in part, because "what she writes makes the world a better place."

What a joke. I guess that is what we can expect from an atheistic point of view. No wonder our world today is in so much turmoil. It's because of people like J.K. Rowling writing books like the Harry Potter series.

T. Williams, Evans


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