Originally created 07/30/00

Every flag has a place

The Heritage Preservation Association may think it is clever to post Confederate flags near the intersection of Georgia Highway 88 and U.S. Highway 1, but the group's reasoning just doesn't fly.

The flags were erected, said the group's president, to commemorate the Jefferson Davis National Highway. The association became cross threaded with the city of Blythe when the flags appeared on monuments in South Carolina, from Clearwater to Monetta.

Posting flags on public property may seem no small matter, but it raises some real questions of precedent that simply can't be ignored. If any flags can be posted, why not the Communist hammer and sickle? How about flags of other countries? Skull-and-crossbones of the Jolly Roger?

As it turns out, people care deeply about what flags fly on public property, and the Heritage Preservation Association knows it. Yet it plays the "innocent" this-is-history card, as though the city of Blythe can't see through that.

However, the organization's members are certainly entitled to fly the flags they choose - be they Confederate or whatever - on their own properties.

That much we can all agree on.


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