Originally created 07/30/00

Letter writer misunderstands Bible

I am responding to Hoyt Goodson's July 20 letter regarding "The inferiority of women." Mr. Goodson has made yet another feeble attempt at making Southern Baptists look like insensitive, condescending lords over the women in their lives.

This is not a denominational issue, merely one of godly view and worldly view. Godly men see great value in women, as God intended, and referred to many times in his word. There is not appropriate space in this letter to address all of Mr. Goodson's misunderstandings, nor do I have the time. Perhaps Mr. Goodson should consult with his pastor to gain a clearer understanding of the Scripture references used before attempting to use the Bible to prove such a ridiculous point.

He has, however, proven that without spiritual understanding of Scripture, he should stick to what he knows, whatever that may be.

Michael E. Pitcher, Evans

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