Originally created 07/19/00

Pro-death tax letter baffling

Victor Reilly's July 8 letter to the editor has left me baffled. I still do not know if the author was writing it as a parody or if he could have been serious in his arguments for the inheritance tax.

The idea that the reason for an inheritance tax is to make all newborns start out financially equal is laughable. I would laugh but I know that some people really would like this - Vladimir Lenin, Fidel Castro and Mao Tse-tung, to name a few.

Repealing the inheritance tax will allow small farmers, small businesses and minority landowners to continue to make this country great.

Many of the people who fall in the above categories work hard to build their lives and are taxed on this hard work, and then the government confiscates their worth upon death.

In the last few decades there has been a huge decrease in small farms across America because of the inheritance tax. If a person does not divest his earnings prior to death, heirs are saddled with huge tax payments.

If Mr. Reilly would do his math, a small farm of less than 400 acres is valued at more than $1 million; so are small country stores when you add the inventory, buildings and other related equipment. These are the working men and women of America.

Mr. Reilly seems to want farm collectives where everyone can grow one acre of cotton, as in China, or very large collectives.

David Allen, Aiken


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