Originally created 07/19/00

Supreme Court tramples liberties

The U.S. Supreme Court just told the South it must not have organized prayer before public school football games. I'm reminded of what a good Southerner, Patrick Henry, once said: "Give me liberty or give me death!"

Is there any question which side Mr. Henry would be on today, when all things Southern (and once American) are being trampled on? Beating up on the South and trampling American liberties are worse now than they have ever been. What are we going to do about it?

Are we going to let a foundation-destroying media, a federal government bent on tyranny, and several Communism-laden activist groups tell us what to do? Are we going to recline in our air-conditioned homes and watch cablevision until all is lost, or will we remind the world that true Southerners still demand liberty?

No, the South hasn't always been right about everything, but I guarantee you this: The South has been right more often and about more things than the rest of this country has been.

Now, shall we throw off the shackles of comfort, cowardice and conformity - and start practicing some civil disobedience of our own? Shall we be patriots, rather than just going to see The Patriot?

As America falls to a tyranny much worse than that which was dished out before the Revolutionary War, let's send the patriotic message (with the Confederate battle flag in full view) that the South is already rising again to the challenge. True American patriotism demands it; cowardice and complacency refuse it.

P.K. Fitzgerald, Harlem


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