Originally created 07/18/00

Why no reward for White's killer?

Two years ago 40-year-old David Holt was murdered. This was a heinous crime. The family, friends, co-workers and indeed the greater Augusta community suffered a terrible loss.

On June 1, 22-year-old Shanta White and her unborn child were murdered. This also was a heinous crime. On the night she was killed, her family lost their future. Everything that Shanta and her unborn child would have been is now gone forever. What do these two crimes have in common?

Both cases were assigned to the same investigator.

Both killers are still at large.

Both victims were employed by the same company.

Both victims were children of God, made in his image.

Until their killer(s) are brought to justice, their families cannot begin the healing process.

That is where the similarities end. Sam's Club, the common employer, has offered a $400,000 reward for information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of David Holt's killer(s). The Sheriff's Department mailed a questionnaire to several zip codes seeking information on the murder of Mr. Holt.

What about Shanta White and her unborn child? Who is willing to come forward and offer a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of her killer(s)? We know that offering reward money is no cure-all for crime and violence, but it is one of many tools used by law enforcers as they work to solve and prevent crime, apprehend criminals and bring them to justice.

Barbara Thurmond, Augusta

(Editors' note: The author is president of Blacks Against Black Crime, Inc.)


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