Originally created 07/12/00

Family man Beul draws praise

I have known Ron and Becky Beul and their family for the last 10 years and know them to be a wonderful family with the same values and concerns shared by most of us. Mr. Beul has stepped forward to run for the 113th seat in the Georgia House of Representatives because of his deep concern as to what needs to be done to improve Georgia's dismal educational record of 49th in the nation.

He has all the personal qualities of a loving, supportive husband and a strong, caring father who, on a daily basis, passes his family values and high moral beliefs to his children.

I can unequivocally state that Mr. Beul is an excellent role model for young people and has the conservative values we all cherish and uphold.

I know that Mr. Beul is a man who means what he says and will do what he believes to be right. He will get my vote on July 18 and I encourage all others with like beliefs and values to vote for him.

Joyce Rolwing, Evans


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