Originally created 07/12/00

Fires are conspiracy, not coincidence

Is it only President Clinton, or is it also those in the U.S. Senate as well? The Senate appears to be after Energy Secretary Bill Richardson rather than both Richardson and the higher-ups who control him. All are corrupt.

Congress looks at the wrong issues. This New Mexico incident - fires, destroyed homes, lost and found hard drives - is exactly like the FBI files fiasco that the Senate never did anything but talk about; and it's like the Hillary Clinton billing records that disappeared and then magically reappeared at the White House.

Is it obvious to everybody but politicians that the Clintons use their same corrupt strategy over and over? Is Congress purposefully blind for some reason we, the public, don't know about?

"Congress focuses on scientists." What a joke. It was clear the New Mexico fire was purposefully set rather than an accident with a controlled burn and that once the fires had destroyed 400 homes, this was the same old Clinton method of having a crisis to blame for anything for which he might need cover.

Notice that Clinton himself never speaks about this issue. With his standard procedure, he sets out underlings to take the heat.

Then, later, he can claim he has punished the guilty parties who only made an error of judgment.

Thus, like the late Vince Foster, others take the brunt of Clinton's crimes, while he trots blithely on his criminal way.

Even now Richardson uses the standard Clinton non-denial denial, i.e., "there's no evidence."

The joke in this case is that that's why they set the fires to start with. So that, in the case of Congress subpoenaing files, records, etc., Clinton could say he'd love to, but all the evidence got burned up in an accidental fire. This was obvious from the first fires back in May.

The government claims it has sent the hard drives to Washington to examine them to see if they've been copied. What a joke. Nobody in the world can tell if a hard drive has been copied. One such blatant lie is enough to warrant checking further into the other lies coming from Clinton and Richardson. They are surely lying about many things involved with hard drives, fires, dead people, etc.

Since Los Alamos fires, we now have more "accidental fires," this time caused by a wreck that killed somebody in the state of Washington. How far can coincidence be stretched? ...

Bill Dekle, Millen


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