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'Perfect Storm' is perfect summer viewing

TITLE: The Perfect Storm


CAST: George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, John C. Reilly, William Fichtner, John Hawkes, Cherry Jones, Karen Allen, Diane Lane, Allen Payne, Bob Gunton, Christopher McDonald, Rusty Schwimmer, Janet Wright and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio.

PLOT SUMMARY: After coming home with a less than a great catch, fishing-boat Capt. Billy Tyne (Mr. Clooney) decides to take the Andrea Gail and its crew out for another try. But, as we are told by a weatherman (Mr. McDonald) in a subplot, there are three storm systems combining into one to make "the perfect storm." Tyne decides to go right through it, even after several warnings and pleadings from another fisherman (Ms. Mastrantonio). The movie is based on a true story.

WILL TEENS LIKE IT? They probably will. There are some exciting rescue scenes and awesome special effects.

HIGH POINT: Definitely the rescue scenes. I also liked the subplot of a smaller sailboat caught in the storm with three people on it. Also, there's a big wave near the end and it's really cool.

LOW POINT: The scenes that precede the boats' actually getting out on the water are kind of boring, and the dialogue is inane. Mr. Wahlberg's girlfriend (Ms. Lane) spouted every romantic cliche in the book.

IS IT FUNNY? EXCITING? There are some funny one-liners, but the film is serious. Once the storm begins to hit, it's exciting and intense.

HOW'S THE ACTING? Mr. Clooney (Out of Sight, Three Kings) continues a streak of good performances as the tough captain. His sidekick in the film, Mr. Wahlberg, (Boogie Nights, Three Kings) also is very good. He's probably one of the characters we relate to more because he has his mom (Ms. Wright) and his girlfriend (Ms. Lane) back home. Ms. Lane, (Jack, A Walk On the Moon) does a good job despite her lines, and Ms. Wright is touching. The rest of the crew is good, especially Mr. Reilly (Boogie Nights, Magnolia) and Mr. Fichtner (Go, Drowning Mona) as feuding characters.

WHY SHOULD TEENS SPEND THEIR MONEY ON THIS? Because it's better than a lot of other stuff that's in theaters right now (namely Big Momma's House). And it's a fun film.

PROFANITY: Not much.



Brian Jones, 15, is a rising sophomore at Greenbrier High School.


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