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This week's problem

"I met this guy on the Internet, and I love him a lot. He said he was going to move down here, but that was February and he's not here yet. What do I do?"

- 16-year-old Augusta girl

Here's what you had to say

I could be wrong, but I don't think you can fall in love over the Internet. Since it has been so long, I think you should move on because I just spent the last year crushing on this boy and he didn't even notice it.

The Internet is nothing but a slow-down piece of junk because it can't tell you anything. If the boy isn't here now, he's probably got another love.

I have one word for you: Duh? Don't you know people lie over the Internet?

First of all, how can you really love a guy you met on the Internet? You don't know him and you shouldn't meet him at all - it's very dangerous.

True love can't be found over the Internet. True love is found where you are now. Besides, you don't even know where he is - he could've been lying to you. He might not even be the person you think he is.

He ain't coming.

You really don't know if this guy loves you. How many times have you talked? I think you need to get to know him better and meet before you figure out if you love him.

You shouldn't be stupid enough to get on the Internet to try to fall in love because those people on the Internet just lie to you. I wouldn't worry about it. Just find somebody you know who you can care about.

Leave these Internet relationships alone. They are not all they are made out to be. It's not worth it.

Xtreme reporter Margaret Weston says:

There are stories about people meeting over the Internet and getting married and living happily ever after. But I'd be very skeptical about any serious relationships and promises made in an online relationship.

Some people use the Internet and World Wide Web to escape and create a new identity. You can't be sure of what they say - or who they really are.

The Web is a great communication tool. I use it a lot in my work. But you should definitely approach anything and everything you get from it with caution.

Don't start looking for your Cyber Boy anytime soon. He probably has 20 other girls wishing and hoping, too.

Next week's problem

"I like this girl, and she likes me, too. But she's engaged. The only reason she's marrying the dude is because they've got a kid together. I really care about her, and I know she cares about me. What should I do?"

Do you have any advice for this 17-year-old Augusta boy?

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