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Dryness irritates allergies

You know there is a problem with the education system when you realize that out of the three "R's," only one begins with an "R."

- Dennis Miller

Water restrictions are not the only worry we have after three years of dry Southern summers. The Mayo Clinic reports the dryness has prompted a rise in allergies.

A majority of Southerners are getting an extra does of pollen this summer thanks to dry, windy conditions that promote pollination.

"More people are suffering from rhinitis, sinusitis and asthma," said Dr. Juan Guarderas, an allergist with the clinic in Jacksonville.

He recommends three tips to fight the problem:

Keep your house and car windows closed, and run the air conditioning.

Avoid the outdoors during peak pollen times - between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Talk to your pharmacist about effective over-the-counter medications.

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POSTCARDS: Sue and Walter Henning of Warrenton, Ga., send the first card from North Carolina, where they are visiting friends.

Jim and Jenny Paschal are having a big time in New York. They write: "We're going to a play, we're on Live With Regis and Kathie Lee, Good Morning America tours and will be at Shea Stadium for the Braves and Mets. Go, Rocker."

Susan and Edward Barock send a postcard showing one of my favorite places, Lake Olmstead Stadium, where they say "watching our GreenJackets is way more fun than traveling!"

Carol and Don are in Utah.

Jack and Gail Parker of Aiken send an amusing view of Hollywood. They write: "We were audience members for several TV shows. Gail even won a T-shirt for laughing the best while they were taping a new sitcom for next fall!"

Dug and Jo Grimes from Warrenton and granddaughter Tiffany from Easley, S.C., write to say they're having a great time at Blue Bay Village, Costa Rica.

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MORE MAIL: Ray Dufresne comments on Friday's column. He writes: " The pecking order ... could use one last item. `The boss may not always be right, but the boss is always the boss.'ƒ"

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TODAY'S JOKE: Comes from Sarah Brown.

Eight-year-old Susie came home from school and informed her mother that today in class they learned how to make babies. The mother, rather shaken by the development, called the teacher to complain.

After listening to the mother for a minute, the teacher responded, "Did you ask her to explain how it is done?"

"No," the mother said.

"Then ask her and call me back," the teacher said.

The mother hung up, turned to her daughter and asked, "So, Susie, how do you make babies?"

"That's easy," her daughter replied. "You drop the `Y' and add `I-E-S."'

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