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Incumbent lawmaker's help lauded

This is regarding concerns raised about Rep. Robin Williams, R-Augusta, by his opponent - specifically, that he has forgotten the people of Augusta who have elected him, or that he is controlled solely by lobbyists and big money in Atlanta.

Our group has been working on legislation for the past several years which will make licensing laws more equitable for mental health professionals in the state of Georgia. We are a small organization with little money, no political ties, and no lobbyist.

However, many of our members are Augusta State University graduates who also work with the indigent mental health population in Augusta. We needed help and decided to turn to our local representatives.

Our calls were returned, we were heard, and Rep. Williams became a co-sponsor of our bill in the House. He did not simply offer lip service to our concerns; he helped us to make things happen.

Our bill was not popular with some other powerful professional groups and some state officials - and we had nothing to offer in return except our gratitude. Rep. Williams was able to work with the rest of the Augusta delegation (all of whom were very supportive of our efforts), and help a small group of Augusta residents.

I would like to show my appreciation for his efforts and encourage voters to support Rep. Williams with their votes on July 18.

Amy Fickle, Augusta


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