Originally created 06/30/00

Water conservation

Rain, as with much else in life, is a good thing in moderation. But it's too early for officials to know if the recent rainfall means they should ease the restrictions on water use in Columbia County. Mother Nature has just been too unpredictable lately to bank on.

The good news is recent showers will help ward off the need to water lawns for a while, and that will help the county keep up with demand, but unless there is substantial rainfall, it's best to err on the conservative side - that is, the side of conserving water, and keeping the odd-even address system intact for those homeowners with multiple-head sprinklers. The restrictions are hardly onerous.

The entire region is still experiencing a drought trend, and a few showers here or there aren't going to help substantially when temperatures reach above 90 for the next few months.

Although the National Weather Service in West Columbia says July will bring normal rainfall, the county should not get too comfortable: A long summer has just begun.

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