Originally created 06/30/00

Superintendent is unresponsive

Re The Chronicle's June 21 Rave section complaint that parents could not get an appointment with school Superintendent Dr. Charles Larke:

Well, I was granted an appointment. I waited 31 minutes, after which Dr. Larke's secretary came and asked if I would prefer to wait longer or make an appointment for the following week. She said Dr. Larke was in. Needless to say I declined both offers.

A couple of weeks ago, after once more requesting an answer from Dr. Larke, the Richmond County School Board asked him to confirm in writing a promise made to me seven months ago concerning my daughter. To date, nothing.

What is the influence or hold over the school board enjoyed by Dr. Larke? Permitting his arrogant and inconsiderate manner toward the public does nothing to instill confidence in or admiration for the school board.

Mrs. Peter Hendrick, Augusta


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