Originally created 06/20/00

Mayor is inexperienced, incompetent

Augusta Mayor Bob Young's incompetence is exceeded only by his inexperience. Seems that his lack of leadership (or concern) causes more problems every week. Some examples:

Mr. Young requested the irresponsible Savannah River draw down that caused millions of dollars of damage to private and public property, and he followed that with an ill-conceived proposal for a special tax on riverfront property owners to fund the operation of the New Savanna Bluff Lock and Dam.

Mr. Young failed to prepare for the high volume of traffic during Airfest 2000, and then he blamed the public for not leaving home earlier.

Mr. Young used Augusta's water problems to defeat Larry Sconyers, yet during the recent water shortage in south Augusta, he blamed residents although they had followed the water restrictions ordered by the city.

Now Mr. Young's support of a city ordinance that restricts signs and sidewalk tables along Broad Street will set back years of efforts to revitalize downtown. He needs to look at other riverfront cities such as Savannah to see how merchants and artists attract people with antiques, souvenir shops and sidewalk cafes, including quaint signs and sidewalk tables and chairs.

Mr. Young's performance should teach Augustans two important political lessons:

First, never elect anyone to the city's highest office who has no previous political experience even though he or she may look and sound good on television.

Second, never elect another Republican mayor.

Paul and Anne Cook, Augusta


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