Originally created 06/20/00

Effective leader needed in Ga. Senate

Re my choice of Mike Popplewell to fill the District 24 Georgia State Senate seat:

I have known him over 20 years and am proud to support his campaign. I normally do not get involved in campaigns, other than voting my conscience, however I feel strongly that a change is needed for our district.

I first met Mr. Popplewell in college and followed his career in the state's law enforcement system and in his business endeavors. He handles his business dealings in a very upright manner.

Mr. Popplewell is really interested in people and their concerns. He is not a slick politician looking for a career in politics. He's a concerned citizen who strongly feels there is a need for effective leadership in our State Senate.

Through personal observation and working closely with him on church projects, I know first-hand that he can work in the type of atmosphere he will find in the Georgia State Senate where cooperation, wisdom and good judgment are attributes that will help him get the job done for our district.

Join me in supporting Mr. Popplewell in the GOP primary July 18.

Chuck Renfro, Appling


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