Originally created 06/20/00

Clinton's performance a disgrace

The Chronicle recently published a letter, "The president makes writer proud."

A lot of people apparently admire President Bill Clinton for his "performance" on the job. Some polling group recently showed Mr. Clinton's job approval rating at 87 percent. But I wonder what this impeached liar and sexual predator, our president, was "performing" when the dead and mutilated body of one of our troops was being dragged through the streets of Somalia by a crazed mob.

I wrote The Chronicle a few months ago posing the question "... why has President Clinton not been fined and disbarred for lying in a court of law ...?" I suppose better late than never. But, as of late, a lot of people are beginning to ask that same question.

To Mr. Clinton's credit, he has paid the fine imposed by the court. So, once again, the "Clintonistas" are scurrying around trying to do yet more damage control for the trouble this soon to be ex-president keeps getting himself into. But his legal problems will be far from over once he becomes "citizen Clinton."

Syndicated columnist Mona Charen recently wrote that Mr. Clinton frequently gets an impulse to go out for a fat burger or attend a sporting event on the spur of the moment, forcing the Secret Service to have legally parked cars towed away to the tune of thousands of cars a year - this without the owners' knowledge.

Worse yet, some owners even wind up having to pay an impound fee to get their vehicles back. And do you remember President Clinton's haircut fiasco at the Los Angeles Airport that forced thousands of travelers to wait until he eventually disembarked? To quote one of our more flamboyant U.S. congressmen, "Beam me up, Scotty."

Frank Murphy, Aiken


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