Originally created 06/20/00

NYC assaults prove Rocker right

The Atlanta Braves management have again proved themselves to be politically correct pusillanimous slime bags. That awful scene in New York City where many young women were sexually assaulted well illustrates just how right John Rocker was.

Our cities are not very nice places. These people in their politically correct perversity are as responsible for these heinous acts as those other animals that perpetrated them.

Liberals are sick, twisted, wretched individuals who either victimize others or they enable others to commit these vile heinous acts.

Braves management and other people at the management level in professional sports are directly responsible for these vile acts because they set the tone.

They allow professional athletes to spit upon, assault and profanely assail decent people and then crucify young John Rocker when he tells the honest truth. Who are the heroes of these violent perpetrators?

Professional athletes and the Hollywood in-crowd; that's who. You see these same violent acts on the screen and in the private lives of our athletes.

These animals were in a liberal "If it feels good, do it mode" and they were boldly doing in the light of day what they normally do in the dark of night. Where was your outrage before? You don't like what you see, do you?

Milton Gresham, Evans


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