Originally created 06/20/00

Women pastors doing God's work

Re the Southern Baptist Convention:

It is just crazy. Who can judge these females. Who? No one but the Almighty God. You do not know what God has planned for you. As for these women who desire to preach the gospel, God gave that to them. Who shall take it away? It is not a good thing to do.

I suggest members of the Southern Baptist Convention take a look at themselves. Think about what they are doing. God is the only one we must answer to. No man shall take away anything God has given. I tell you, many people in this world think they are God. They think they can have all power and they can do anything.

Christians, you can tell who is real - and you can't tell who is fake. Just handle your part - God will do the rest. To (women Southern Baptist pastors), you will be in my prayers. May God please you and keep your head up. God knows what he has in store for you.

W.R. Moore, North Augusta


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