Originally created 06/19/00

NAACP challenged to go positive

I would like to applaud P. Price's June 14 letter concerning the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. These sentiments were right on target.

I have left several phone messages at the local NAACP office to inquire about positive programs and initiatives in which this group is involved. No one will return my calls.

It appears the only way this association wants to get attention is through negative and destructive means. It is easy to incite the ignorant masses by embracing superficial causes, such as the flag issue. this is what every two-bit tyrant does in Third World countries to establish and maintain power.

These are my suggestions for the NAACP:

  • Create effective programs to stop out of wedlock births.

  • Encourage two-parent families with a strong father role model.
  • Enact policies to stop drug use and wipe out crack houses.
  • Install a prison release program to assist and encourage inmates to seek a better life.

  • This is a tough assignment for the NAACP because it means changing cultural attitudes and behaviors. I hope this group is up to the challenge.

    G. Harison, Augusta


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