Originally created 06/19/00

Small-business owners must be heard

As a small-business owner, I recently had the opportunity to participate in the 2000 Congressional Small Business Summit, hosted by the small-business group, National Federation of Independent Businesses, in Washington, D.C.

For three days, I joined with more than 600 small-business owners and advocates from all across America to discuss the issues critical to small business, such as taxes, regulation and legal and health-care reform.

The summit's findings were compiled into a legislative agenda to be presented to Capitol Hill leaders to help ensure that this Congress - and the next - fully consider the small-business viewpoint when making important policy decisions. The referendum will also help to shape the political debate in this year's political elections - from the local level up to the presidential level.

It is imperative that the voice of small business is heard by those making policy decisions - not only locally, but also in the halls of our nation's Capitol and at the White House. If you are a small business owner and want to help shape the issues that impact your bottom line, contact the National Federation of Independent Business. Make your voice heard.

Lee Muns, Martinez