Originally created 05/24/00

Disbarring Clinton

President Clinton was jarringly reminded again of his scandalous conduct when an Arkansas Supreme Court committee Monday recommended he be stripped of his license to practice law in that state for "serious misconduct" stemming from his misleading sworn testimony about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

This is basically the same charge on which Clinton was impeached, but not removed from office. Talk about skewed values.

If the panel's recommendation is upheld, it would mean that Arkansas requires a higher standard of conduct for lawyers than the U.S. Senate does for the president.

The White House spin machine wasted no time shifting into high gear. David Kendall, the president's lawyer, claims that when several Clinton-connected judges recused themselves from the panel, that left only anti-Clinton judges to decide.

That is the Clintonian mind-set - if you're not for him, you must be against him. There's no objectively fair middle ground. But this time the spin machine is less likely to work.

The judicial system, even in Arkansas, may be more difficult to politicize than was the U.S. Congress' impeachment trial.


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