Originally created 05/24/00

Popplewell Senate bid draws raves

The political climate of Columbia County is beginning to change from a simmer to a boil, as it has historically done for decades. As I observe the different races, I feel compelled to comment on the 24th District Senate race. Finally, there is a fresh, forward thinker emerging on a very stale political scene, Mike Popplewell.

Concerning Sen. Joey Brush, R-Appling, our present representative, the past year has been marred by newspaper headlines of speeding tickets and ticket-fixing, not to mention introduction of legislation that has gone nowhere and brought nothing back to Columbia County or other counties in the 24th District.

In fact, I am not sure what representation Columbia County has had in the Senate chambers. I feel we have had more representation in the media of the shenanigans that have gone on instead.

I do not need to remind you of our present representative climbing the wall of the State capital to remove the New York State flag. What did this behavior do for your business or family? Nothing. How much more time and tax dollars has our present representation wasted, but has nothing to show for it?

Columbia County is still defining its identity. We are a family-oriented community hoping to attract high-tech industry to our area. As we pursue defining who we are, we need leadership which will bring jobs or enhance our standard of living.

I have learned Mr. Popplewell is a quick study. ... He understands the issues involved with reapportionment and what it means to the future representation of the 24th District. He understands the varying needs from the rural communities to the more urban parts of the counties.

The status quo is unacceptable and embarrassing. I look forward to Mr. Popplewell bringing integrity and action back to the floor of the Senate. I believe he is interested in representing the 24th district as a whole, not (in courting) political action committees or special interest groups.

I would encourage you to consider the status quo and then think of the possibilities. I know we can have better representation in the Senate than the status quo.

Bill Holden, Martinez


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