Originally created 05/24/00

Why can't British couple immigrate?

I recently talked to a gentleman from England. This man and his wife are self-sufficient and want to come to South Carolina to live the rest of their lives. They're in their mid-70s.

He told me that he had contacted the immigration bureau and was told that he could not move to South Carolina. He could only stay here three months. This man is willing to come to South Carolina to give something to the state, not take anything away.

There are more names in the Aiken telephone directory that I cannot pronounce who come from India, Mexico, Puerto Rico and goodness knows where else that I know are not just here for three months. You can go into any motel in South Carolina, or the United States for that matter, and find the person in charge of the motel not speaking fluent English. At least this man from England could speak and understand English.

My question is this: Why would we not allow a self-supporting citizen into our country when we take in scores of citizens who we have to support? Please someone give me an answer.

Juanita Scott, Jackson


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