Originally created 05/24/00

Commissioner, engineer draw praise

Despite all of the things government does wrong, occasionally a few people in government have the common sense to do the right thing for the right reason. Columbia County Commissioner Frank Spears and county Engineer Jim Leeper are two such individuals.

The land adjacent to Forest Creek Subdivision was left in a war-torn mess after recent clear cutting. Commissioner Spears and Mr. Leeper stepped in, at the request of Forest Creek residents, and worked with the property owner to return the land to an acceptable state.

While the trees are gone forever, at least now so are the tree limbs, stumps, and other debris that made the land a health and safety hazard.

It's not often that I see government go out of it's way to do the right thing. In this case I saw not one, but two officials associated with Columbia County do the right thing for the right reason. To Commissioner Spears and Mr. Leeper I offer my sincere "thanks."

Kevin Huffman, Martinez


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