Originally created 05/23/00

Tranquil pond deserves protection

During the past several weeks I have had the opportunity to explore Folly Pond on Germany Creek and the surrounding area in McDuffie County. As a bird watcher, I was struck by the beauty, quietude and peacefulness of the area. Yes, the term tranquil is fitting.

Unfortunately, the McDuffie County commissioners are trying to change the zoning to make part of the area an industrial park and sewerage treatment facility. Such a change would have a devastating effect on the beauty of the area and on the environment. I understand that many of the people moved to this area because of its tranquil nature and wish that it remain so.

Hopefully, the county commissioners will realize their error, abide by the wishes of the affected community and take steps to preserve a rare thing in these times, a beautiful and tranquil area to live in.

Richard Lux, Augusta

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