Originally created 05/23/00

Flag debate stalls work on problems

Don't you think this so-called "flag controversy" has gone on long enough? It is quite obvious that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will never accept any sort of compromise.

The NAACP has already started work to remove the Georgia state flag. Neither these, nor any other flags represent slavery. Read your history books. They all have always flown with the United States flag. Is it to be next? These pieces of history are not the real issue. The NAACP seems to be seeking total control of any issue possible, just to gain political power. They say these pieces of fabric encourage racism. Racism will certainly not stop with the removal of a flag, but will only continue to worsen as this issue widens the gap.

If the NAACP was really interested in the "advancement of colored people," as the name represents, it would put its efforts and money into the areas that would really make a difference.

Whether or not any particular flag waves in the sky has nothing to do with feeding starving children, helping to get rid of drugs, helping single parents, making deadbeat parents help support their children, teaching birth control, encouraging education through high school and beyond, raising funds for more and better public transportation so that young people as well as seniors without automobiles or driver's licenses can get to and from work, doctor's appointments, school, shopping, etc.

While all this effort, time and money is being wasted arguing about flags, with no end in sight, children are starving for food, love, education and jobs. The future for all, not just blacks, is on hold while the flag controversy continues. Those in the middle of it do not face the above mentioned problems that others face on a daily basis.

Where are the NAACP's priorities? People need to speak up and be heard. What's more important, historical flags or improving living conditions?

Les Barrett, Augusta


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