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Counties will battle for bragging rights

Which county has the best soccer talent, Richmond or Columbia? That debate will be decided today when boys and girls soccer teams from the neighboring counties square of in the inaugural High School Senior Soccer Bowl, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and Comcast Cable.

The girls game will begin at noon, while the boys game will follow at 2 p.m. Both games will be played at Richmond Academy Stadium. Admission will be $3 per person, and ticket holders are eligible for a Mountain Bike, courtesy of Outspokin Bicycles, as well as four Dave Matthews Band concert tickets.

Proceeds benefit the St. Vincent de Paul Society, a faith-based primary health care clinic that assists homeless individuals and families around the area.


Rosters for today's Richmond County-Columbia County High School Senior Soccer Bowl, which will be held at Richmond Academy. The girls' game is scheduled for noon, and the boys' is slated for 2 p.m.

Columbia County girls
Melissa Bailey, Lakeside
Cindy Bokesch, Lakeside
Julie Pendergast, Lakeside
Cameron Erikson, Lakeside
Cara Deleon, Lakeside
Bree Wells, Lakeside
Kelly Mosely, Greenbrier
Lindsay Carter, Greenbrier
Sarah Harris, Greenbrier
Bonnie Bailey, Greenbrier
Elizabeth Durham, Evans
Katie Oglesby, Evans
Tammy Tomasello, Evans
Ellen Tuggle, Evans
Meghan Correia, Evans
Kelly Ballis, Evans.

Melissa Mackay, Evans
Anna Jordan, Evans
Cecilia Thomae, Lakeside.

Richmond County girls
Molly Allen, Richmond Academy
Emily Wright, Richmond Academy
Emily Holzhauer, Aquinas
Kim Meirowitz, Aquinas
Katie Morton, Aquinas
Kerri Ward, Aquinas
Jordan Williams, Aquinas
Ronda Newman, Cross Creek
Sara Garman, Cross Creek
Jennifer Harris, Glenn Hills
Arleen Revely, Glenn Hills
Melissa Johnson, Hephzibah
April Vaughan, Hephzibah
Shana Usry, Hephzibah
Tabitha Kettles, Laney
Ashley Dixon, Westside.

Cerise Bryant, Glenn Hills
Takisha Perry, Glenn Hills
Debra Castro, Glenn Hills
Sabrina Ward, Hephzibah
Karen Schummell, Hephzibah
Valery Gilfoyle, Hephzibah
Pamela Garnett, Laney.

Columbia County boys
Joey Pratt, Evans
Whit Wilder, Evans
Ryan Peters, Evans
Nick Lumpkin, Evans
Albert Olmstead, Evans
John Parrish, Greenbrier
Caleb Galeas, Greenbrier
Ryan Gant, Greenbrier
Prem Shetty, Lakeside
Rob Bohler, Lakeside
Sam Governski, Lakeside
Justin Friel, Lakeside
Matt Meeks, Lakeside
Ryan Neville, Lakeside
Earle Robinson, Lakeside
Nathan Vick, Lakeside.

Richmond County boys
Josh McRae, Richmond Academy
Will Barrett, Aquinas
Tripp Godbee, Aquinas
Patrick Scoggins, Aquinas
Kevin Thorstad, Aquinas
Mario Parsee, Cross Creek
Dung Phan, Glenn Hills
Jorge Castillo, Glenn Hills
Daniel Mangana, Glenn Hills
Darron Elder, Hephzibah
Erik Elder, Hephzibah
J.R. Lesse, Hephzibah
Marso Granzoro, Josey
Carlton Kitchens, Westside
Matt Kaitxchuk, Westside
Jacob Davis, Westside.

Will Jackson, Aquinas
Dewight Class, Glenn Hills
Aaron Patterson, Richmond Academy
John Howard, Richmond Academy
David Byers, Westside
Justin Braswell, Westside.

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