Originally created 05/20/00

Hostettler's gun lock

The Clinton administration won't let up in its efforts to take guns away from citizens. Recently, the administration blackmailed Smith & Wesson Corp. into installing trigger locks on its guns and taking other measures to restrict gun sales.

As a quid pro quo, the administration promised the company an advantage with government contracts. Smith & Wesson was also assured it wouldn't be included in a number of government lawsuits pending against gun manufacturers. The Clinton deal with Smith & Wesson is nothing short of bizarre.

However, Clinton has come up against Rep. John Hostettler, R-Ind. He inserted an amendment in a Defense Department funding bill to stop the administration from forcing the military to buy Smith & Wesson guns.

Hostettler plans to expand that checkmate to other agencies, such as Treasury, Justice and Housing and Urban Development.

His amendments eliminate the funding for the Clinton commission that is charged with implementing the Clinton-Smith & Wesson accord.

Clinton's attempt to force agencies to treat Smith & Wesson preferentially only politicized the purchasing process. As Hostettler points out, the Clinton manufacturer preference mandate sets a terrible precedent. Congress should not allow it.


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