Originally created 05/20/00

Crack houses aren't the real problems

Houses are inanimate objects. A house has never lit a crack pipe, smoked crack, or sold crack. People do all of these things. It is unfortunate a frustrated police department that lacks the will, ability or resources to properly deal with the crack smokers focuses instead on the inanimate structures which the crack heads have illegally appropriated for their use.

Much is made of the known crack sellers who frequent the crack house in question. Arrest them all. Put them in jail. Most important, keep them in jail. Tearing down the so-called "crack house" will have the following effect: Crack sellers and smokers will not miss a beat - they will immediately relocate to a new house and it will then become a "crack house." It, too, of course, will have to be demolished.

If taken to its logical conclusion, the entire neighborhood will be razed under this program. Tearing down a house only perpetuates urban blight ... Only when the criminals are swept from or inner city neighborhoods will these areas recover socially and economically. Running a bulldozer through a house is a dramatic way of appearing to address the problem while in reality accomplishing nothing at all.

Ross S. Snellings, Augusta

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