Originally created 05/19/00

Create a park, name it after Ike

On May 12, Bill Kirby's column proposed to name a street as a lasting tribute in honor of our late Dr. Ike Washington.

This letter is in no way in competition with Mr. Kirby's proposal, but rather another proposal.

Not only was Dr. Washington an educator, but he was a good neighbor, a friend to man, a member of Turpin Hill Neighborhood Association and was concerned about his neighborhood. Therefore, we propose that the old Mulherin lumber yard site, near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Fuller Street, be considered for conversion into a neighborhood park in honor of Dr. Washington. This was one of his visions for the future of his neighborhood. He walked among kings, potentates and presidents, but never lost the common touch.

Whether it is a street or park, we all will be satisfied with either one.

Rev. J. C. Phinizy, Augusta

(Editor's note: The author is president of Turpin Hill Neighborhood Association.)


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