Originally created 05/19/00

'Little old ladies' are here to stay

Concerning the May 13 article about turn lanes coming to Wrightsboro Road, the writer blew it when she chose to quote garbage from Nita Grinder. For a newcomer of only nine months in the area, Ms. Grinder has come in like a roaring lion.

The derogatory remarks indicate she is seeking publicity or just plain rude. Whatever the reason, it was audacious to say that shoppers drive like little old ladies who don't know how to drive, and they come to the corner and wait there until they have tea and crumpets, and then they want to wait for the big semi.

To categorize drivers is not only disrespectful, but shows a lack of good judgment. There are good drivers and bad drivers of all ages.

Hopefully, Ms. Grinder can move to another area which can satisfy her demands, including all the correct turning lanes and maybe there will be no little old ladies to interfere with her driving.

For her information, the little old ladies are here to stay. Is there room for her among them?

M. M. Johnson, Augusta

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