Originally created 05/19/00

Warns of dangers of 'Big Brother'

Whether or not the Confederate banner comes down or stays flying is really immaterial. The real problem is: Who is to say how we are to be governed, by the voice of the people or by small-minded, self-appointed, self-serving interest groups? The flag issue, as with any issue, should be left to those who are the most affected, the voters of that state.

Interest groups from outside the state should not involve themselves with the process. The people of the state voted for their representatives and they should govern themselves accordingly. All politicians should take note of the people they represent.

The federal government should not involve itself in a state problem unless asked to mediate. The reason for the Confederate banner was the right of states to govern themselves. The "War for States' Rights" should never be lost to the people. We as a people need to be aware of the liberties that we give up to government.

An important election is coming soon, get out and vote. Check the candidates and see what they stand for or what they are against. As in the George Orwell novel, 1984, Big Brother is not far off.

James Sherrill, Evans

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