Originally created 05/15/00

Chronicle, other papers 'stir manure'

Regardless of how much ink newspaper people may have, they may not be doing anything but feeding the ego of this baseball personality, John Rocker.

I was taught by parents with only a fifth grade education that "The more you stir manure, the more it will stink." That is all the San Diego Union Tribune and Nick Canepa and all your people at The Chronicle are doing.

The more you publish about Mr. Rocker, the more publicity he is receiving and the more everybody will pay attention to what he says.

He is no more the scum of the Earth for what he says than any newspaper reporter is for what they report. You all are only building an audience for this comedian.

Remember, a politician needs votes of "we the people" to keep his job. All Mr. Rocker needs is strikeouts at a crucial moment.

The less ink you newspaper people waste the less media coverage this person will receive and then, as we all know, at times "silence is golden".

Bill Adams, North Augusta


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