Originally created 05/15/00

Columbia Co. GOP ballot defended

The Chronicle editorial, May 3, in which the Columbia County Republican chairman was referred to as a "maverick" was certainly a judgment error on the part of editorial page editor Suzanne Downing. A little research on her part would have shown that Alvin Stark is a true Republican, has been an excellent leader of the party and is doing his duty when he submitted the party referendum question for the July primary ballot.

Further, what was omitted from the editorial was the fact that Rep. Ben Harbin, R-Martinez, in conjunction with the rest of the Columbia County delegation, met in secret and attempted to change the county's form of government without any input from the elected commission and without any public discussion or taxpayer input. Additionally, no one will admit being aware of Rep. Harbin's latest referendum question until after it appeared on the legislative Internet site.

I also must point out for Ms. Downing's benefit that larger government has never been a Republican principle nor has republicanism ever endorsed secret meetings.

The issue of a mayor/chief executive officer for Columbia County is not a done deal in spite of the diligent and sneaky efforts of state Reps. Harbin, Robin Williams, R-Augusta, Bill Jackson, R-Appling, and Sen. Joey Brush, R-Appling. Also, and as a matter of record, several Georgia counties as large or larger than Columbia, including Cobb, Fulton and Henry, have elected boards of commissioners without either a mayor/CEO or full-time chairman, and they all seem to be doing just fine.

If for no other reason than this mayor/CEO issue, all four of our current legislators need to be ousted this year, for they have been very poor representatives of the Republican Party.

George Shearer, Martinez


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