Originally created 05/14/00

Augusta cleanup effort draws raves

Special thanks to Augusta's License and Inspection Department for cleaning up areas in the historical Bethlehem area.

I live directly in front of Gordon Street and last month a crew of inmates, under the supervision of Officer Wesley Johnson, cleaned the left side of Gordon Street. I have not seen that street this clean in 10 years. I am now able to sit on my front porch and see down the entire block.

Quincy Jordan is to be commended for his efforts in recognizing the unsightly garbage and overgrown lots in this area and having them corrected.

Also, Pam Costabile earns praise for attending our neighborhood association meeting to which she brought vital information. Several residents voiced complaints, which Mrs. Costabile had corrected immediately.

Mrs. Costabile's and Mr. Jordan's commitment and dedication in getting our great city cleaned up is highly commendable.

Mattie Mitchell, Augusta


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