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Pocket change


A survey by the American Compensation Association found that companies' average budgets for salaries are expected to rise in the 4 percent range this year, the same as in 1999, and will remain at that level in 2001. That means workers' salaries aren't keeping up with inflation, which has risen at an annual rate of 5.8 percent so far this year.

The survey found that nonexempt hourly nonunion workers and nonexempt salaried workers can expect an average 4.2 percent salary increase this year and next. Exempt salaried workers can expect a 4.4 percent raise each year, and officers and executives can expect a 4.6 percent salary increase in 2000.


Democracy is going digital. A telephone survey of U.S. households commissioned by the Web site e-thepeople.com found Americans are increasingly using the Internet to contact government officials.

Twelve percent of the households that took part in the survey have used the Web to communicate with a government official within the past 12 months, and 7 percent have signed an Internet petition requesting the government make a change in policy.


Viewsonic has a 15-inch flat-panel monitor that should appeal to heavy video users in addition to those interested mainly in sleek design.

Images are bright and sharp. Built-in stereo speakers offer decent sound. The display has nice ergonomic touches such as height, tilt and swivel adjustments. You can also hang it on a wall.

The monitor sells for nearly $1,400. Call Viewsonic at (800) 888-8583 or check www.viewsonic.com for more information.


Business-to-business e-commerce involves the movement of information between businesses over computer networks. B2B e-commerce should give companies the added advantage they need to achieve measurable cost reductions and productivity gains.

The electronic exchange of information with suppliers, distributors and retailers will allow companies to better direct the production, inventory and distribution of goods, and more promptly alter prices and production strategies. In these auction-like online markets, companies are finding they can achieve savings on the costs of inputs by purchasing supplies over the Internet.


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