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Why a total gun ban wouldn't work

Ellen Goodman's column regarding the Million Mom March for gun control was frustrating for me to read. When well-meaning and intelligent people crusade for any cause that would be a hopeless failure if implemented, it is unfortunate. When the same cause seeks to deprive me and millions of other gun owners of a constitutional right to defend ourselves from criminals and an oppressive government, if necessary, it's tragic.

Others have written effectively in support of Americans' right to own guns. I agree with them 100 percent. If elements in our society aren't swayed by those arguments, I hope practical reality will change their views.

To prove to all but the most self-delusional that gun control will not work, a simple analogy is all that's needed. Consider that cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are all contraband substances. If the authorities know of someone in possession of these drugs, that person is arrested, incarcerated and the drugs destroyed. Despite this absolute and total ban, school children across America are using drugs daily, unhindered by the efforts of law enforcement ...

If a massive effort can't control the flow of drugs and render them inaccessible to school children, what would make any reasonable person believe a similar ban of gun ownership would keep guns out of the hands of criminals and children? ...

If millions of moms across this nation want to march to do something constructive about the desperate plight of our children, they should unite and march on the White House and insist that the reprobate in residence resign.

Guns have been in American homes for generations and children haven't shot each other in massacres until recently. By contrast, only recently have we been cursed with a president who has skated out of one scandal after another for his entire career - lying, cheating and intimidating along the way. I'm personally sick of his calls for gun control and would like to enforce some lip control. If he would stop lying and provide some moral leadership, it would be far more effective than more useless gun legislation.

Incidentally, when all gun control measures that the leftists want imposed go into effect, what kind of questions will the people selling guns then ask? I'm willing to bet they'd be the same as the drug dealers ask now, "You got the money, kid?"

Melvin Edwards, Crawfordville


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