Originally created 05/12/00

Rebel flag 'compromise' derided

Many South Carolina lawmakers support the Confederate battle flag "compromise" in the mistaken belief it will end the controversy. On the contrary, passing the compromise will only whet the appetite of those seeking to eliminate every last vestige of the Old South from public life.

Pass the compromise and the call to repeal Confederate Memorial Day will be heard, along with yet another boycott. The whole sorry spectacle will begin anew.

The anti-South bigots won't stop their crusade until every school and street named for a Southern hero has been renamed, every Confederate monument demolished, every Confederate grave desecrated, and flying the flag is declared a "hate crime." The fight over the flag is but one battle in the ongoing culture war directed against Southern history, memories and identification.

The only major politician who understands this issue is Patrick J. Buchanan. He recently wrote that the assault on the flag is "a minor skirmish in a culture war where the end goal is extirpation of every symbol that testifies to America's Christian and Western character and heritage."

Mr. Buchanan also notes that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have been "dragged through the gutter" and even Christopher Columbus is "trashed as a genocidal exploiter of Native Americans."

This war against the South won't end until Southerners stand united against the hate. Unfortunately, most Democrats are hostile to the cause and too many Republicans are either indifferent or cynically exploiting the issue to get elected, and then hide in the tall grass when things get hot. Only a small remnant carries on the fight.

Sons and daughters of the South should quit taking the abuse and start fighting back. One way to send a message is to vote for Pat Buchanan for president in November because of his valiant defense of the South...

Gary Bunker, Aiken


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